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Ephemeral Us

One of my acquaintances lost her adult daughter to an untimely and unexpected death today. This is, sad to say, a major part of life in this present age of the earth. We are hit by nasty surprises. Shocking and tragic events occur. Death hits all age groups. Sometimes there is an obvious cause – disease attacking a vital organ, a sin someone committed (murder or drunken driving), or a series of bad choices (addiction to cigarettes or drugs). Often, there is not. There is only the shock and the pain for those left behind.

We cannot expect to live forever, not in these bodies we were born with. They are corrupted and decaying. We must have new, fresh bodies to house our souls.

Our Lord knows this and has made provision for our need. If we will truly find Him, if we will truly follow Him, then we will have an eternity of living to look forward to. Real living, joy and bounty, love and liveliness. We will not lack for energy, intelligence, health, friends, or any other good thing.

Therefore, truly finding the Lord Yeshua is of paramount importance. With our always-too-short lives, we must expend whatever time is necessary to make sure we belong to Him. Tomorrow may be too late.