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Pray for Jerusalem 9-1-1

We had a leader from the Philippines come talk at our congregation several years ago. He asked us to, “Pray for the Philippines 1-1-1.” Each “1” stood for a different concept — 1 new church, 1 worker trained up to share the good news, or 1 partner in prayer. Something like that.

Today Anne Graham Lotz is asking us to join her in praying for Jerusalem 9-1-1. On the day 9-1, September 1st. For 1 hour (or segments totaling about an hour).

Did you know that we’re not instructed to pray for peace in the Bible? The exception is found in Psalm 122 verse 6. There we are instructed to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

While we don’t agree with all of Anne’s eschatology, we certainly agree with her that praying for the Jews, for Israel, and for Jerusalem is an excellent, God-honoring idea, both today and every day. So Harbinger Dardinger is joining with her and our fellow peace lovers, good seekers, and God followers to pray today for Jerusalem for 1 hour (broken up into segments of 10-20 minutes each).

The call to prayer and the suggested text for this prayer are found here. If you don’t see this until after the 1st, please pray anyway. Jerusalem is likely to need our prayers for a long while to come.